Our Order Policy

Tier 1: Small Orders

Tier 2: Medium Orders

Tier 3: Large Orders

Tier 4: Bulk Orders

Please note that the specific tiers, shipping rates, and time frames will depend on the company's individual circumstances, such as the size and weight of the products, the destination country, and the transportation methods. It's important to take into account all relevant factors when developing an overseas ordering policy.


Sample Ordering?

Yes, offering sample product orders is a good way to allow our potential customers to try out the products before committing to a larger order. 

Terms of payment

Prior to initiating any order less than twenty (20) thousand dollars, USD, a remittance fee of 30% of the entire value of the shipment must be remitted. Prior to each shipping, each buyer would be notified of the balance due prior to closing each order. This is usually done seven (7) days after the shipping date. A Letter of Credit must be initiated by the sending bank to our receiving bank for orders over twenty (20) thousand dollars, USD. Please contact us for all bank information needed to process all orders.